1. Volunteer

We have so many opportunities for you to serve those in need. Every year, we welcome volunteers to share their time, talents and skills with people in need at our project activities. There is no special qualifications needed for one to serve, everyone is welcome. Please see the “our volunteers” page for more information on how to sign up. For more info please email us at info@pm-foundation.org.

2. Donate

Our organization relies on donations from generous people, charitable organizations and nonprofits to function. We are constantly in need of resources to run projects and assist those poor and vulnerable. By donating you help further our work of campaigning to extend education to poor children in Uganda. Please see our “Donate” page for more information.

3. Fundraise for PMF

Another way you can take action is by helping PMF fundraise. This can be done at an event you sponsor, or at one of our events. Throughout the year we organize fundraising activities where we welcome individuals and businesses to help sponsor our endeavors. Please send us an inquiry or suggestion on how you want to fundraise for us at info@pm-foundation.org. Please put “Fundraising Assist” in subject matter.

4. Join our campaigns

Our voices need to be heard and understood if we are to reach our mission in Uganda. You can campaign for the cause of education for under privileged children and youth by joining our team’s monthly community campaign activities. Please sign up for our updates, like us on Facebook or send us an inquiry at info@pm-foundation.org.

5. Sponsor an activity

Because we cannot do it alone, PMF routinely requests businesses, individuals and other nonprofits to partner by helping to sponsor our activities. Through these partnerships enduring and sustainable goals are made to reach our scope of vulnerable children living under poverty in Uganda. All help is greatly appreciated! Please let us know how you can help by sending us a “request for info” at info@pm-foundation.org.

6. Use your business to fundraise for PMF

Your name and voice can work miracles for the poor in need. Through direct incentives, deals and endorsements to your clients and business affiliates, your business can be the ultimate booster to our campaign. Please take action by engaging your clientele, and using your business resources and advantage to fundraise. For more info on how you can fundraise for PMF please email us at info@pm-foundation.org.